Whether you are interested in diagnostic scales that show numerous parameters in addition to weight or elegant glass scales that set new accents in your bathroom – with Sanitas personal scales you will enjoy watching the pounds melt away.


SBF 08 – glass diagnostic scale

  • Calculation of body weight, fat, water, muscle percentage and BMI
  • 10 user memories
  • 5 activity levels
SBF 14

SBF 14 - Glass diagnostic scale

  • Square platform of safety glass
  • Modern sensor buttons
  • Easy to read LCD-display: digit size 26 mm
SBF 70

SBF 70 Bluetooth® - diagnostic scale

  • Innovative networking between smartphone and scale
  • With Bluetooth® Technology (4.0) – Keep track of your measurements and body data at any time at home and on the move
  • Includes app for download
Haus & Garten Test SBF 70

SBF 72 - diagnostic bathroom scale

  • With Bluetooth technology – measurements and body data at a glance, at home and when you're on the move
  • Bluetooth data transfer after switching on the scale or during user measurement
  • Calculation of body weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage, bone mass, BMR, AMR, BMI

SBG 21 - Glass diagnostic scale

  • Digit size (weight display): 25 mm
  • Body weight, body fat, body water, muscle ratio, bone mass, calory consumption (BMR/AMR)
  • With BMI calculation

SGS 03 - Glass scale

  • Platform of safety glass: 30 x 30 cm
  • With extra large LCD display
  • Digit size: 40 mm

SGS 06 - Glass scale

  • Large weighing area made from safety glass: 30 x 30 cm
  • Easy-to-read LCD display (digit height 25 mm)
  • 150 kg weight capacity