Muscle stimulation, pain therapy and massage in one unit. Our EMS/TENS devices can do this by simulating the body's own pulses, which are transmitted by transcutaneous electrodes to muscle and nerve fibres.


Electrode set 45 x 45 mm

  • For use with SEM 43
  • 8 electrodes
  • 45 x 45 mm

SEM 30 - Abdominal toning belt

  • Abdominal toning belt for electrical muscle stimulation of the front abdominal muscles
  • 5 training programs
  • Flexible abdominal belt

SEM 43 - Digital EMS/TENS

3 functions:
  • Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) for muscle training and regeneration
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for pain relief without medication or side effects
  • Massage for relaxation and well-being