Hands are the indicators of our personality. They are the most important and most visible indicator of beauty apart from face and hair. Finger nails are very visible. Don't miss your chance to leave a lasting impression.

Our ability to move depends on the state of our feet. They work hard every day at work, during the day and during  exercise. Because of the great significance of welltreated hands and feet it is very important to care for them. This is easily done at home with the Sanitas manicure/pedicure sets.


SMA 21 - Callus remover

  • For removing hard or rough skin and calluses
  • For allround smooth and well cared-for feet
  • With LED light

SMA 35 - Manicure / Pedicure Set

  • For well-cared hands and feet
  • 7 high-quality sapphire and felt attachments
  • 2 speeds
SMA 36 Maniküre/Pediküre

SMA 36

  • Manicure/pedicure set for professional nail and foot care
  • Ergonomic design prevents slipping during treatment
  • Includes 7 high-quality attachments made from sapphire and felt

SMA 50 - Manicure / Pedicure Set

  • Professional manicure/pedicure set
  • Including 6 professional attachments
  • Infinitely adjustable