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Sanitas HealthCoach
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Sanitas is the brand of Hans Dinlage GmbH. Sanitas has been a successful brand in the wellness and health market since 2000.

Our product range contains blood pressure monitors for upper arm and wrist measurement, fever thermometers, forehead and ear thermometers as well as heating pads, foot warmer, electric overblankets, underblankets or heating blankets. Additionally we offer heart rate monitors, manicure/pedicure sets, a facial sauna, an insect bite healer, infrared lamps and EMS/TENS units for electric muscle stimulation. Besides we offer shiatsu massagers, body and neck massage products. In 2008 we have expanded our range with electric toothbrushes and an ultrasonic cleaner. The product segment personal scales contains classic scales as well as glass scales – particularly with voice output or removable display – and diagnostic scales e.g. for determination of body fat and body water.