Sanitas heart rate monitors are the ideal assistant for monitoring correct exercise. The classic with the chest strap or the innovation with the finger sensor – a heart rate monitor helps you keep an eye on your heart rate.


SPM 10 - Outdoor heart rate monitor

  • ECG-exact pulse measurement without a chest strap
  • Ideally for walking or hiking
  • Occasional heart rate measurement if a continuous heart rate measurement is not necessary or the chest strap disturbs

SPM 22 - Heart rate monitor

  • Stainless steel casing
  • Precise ECG and permanent pulse measurement with chest strap
  • Training zone suggestions

SPM 230 - Heart Rate Measurements with Smartphones

  • 2-in-1: Bluetooth® + analogue signal transmission
  • Accurate ECG heart rate measurement
  • Features such as the individual training range, alarm, average and max. heart rate, calorie consumption (kcal) etc. depend on the app used

SPM 25 – heart rate monitor

  • Accurate ECG heart rate measurement
  • Analogue signal transmission
  • Individual, adjustable training range and alarm